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We are a Research Management Organization whose sole purpose is to support the successful outcome of clinical trials for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.

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Providing The Resources To Maintain Quality, Integrity And Accuracy

Study Coordinator Service


“Reach the Finish Line Faster”

Is your study experiencing delays in enrollment or data entry due to staff shortages or gaps in your process? CCS offers remote support and on-site research coordination to help keep your study moving forward. Our clinical research coordinator support helps you conquer data entry backlogs, complete enrollment, and resolve data discrepancies.If you work at a site, you’ll have more time to enroll, consent and care for subjects. If you’re a study sponsor, you’ll have clean data sooner so you can get your study completed on time and your product to market faster.

Medical Writing


“Attention down to the letter”

Working as a flexible partner, our Medical Writing Solutions team thoughtfully develops accurate messaging for a range of audiences. Whether it’s developing protocols and informed consent forms or a new drug application, we dive into the details to deliver it all with full regulatory compliance.

Site Management


“Critical to a successful clinical trial is the efficient management and monitoring of clinical sites”. CCS has an exceptional track record in risk-based clinical trial monitoring that ensures scientific excellence and data integrity across all sites. CCS engages a diverse range of specialised people to perform all aspects of site management and monitoring throughout our many operational centres and regional hubs. CCS has the scale to facilitate clinical site management services throughout the India. Our in-house operational personnel are based India. We aim to limit travel, bolster support for project teams and importantly leverage local knowledge of the clinical research and regulatory environments. CCS offers an experienced team of regionally based monitors, all with top in class oncology, chronic disease, auto immune disease and monitoring experience. Our clinical research associates (CRAs) focus on developing strong site relationships while ensuring adherence to data quality, subject safety, and early issue resolution throughout the course of the trial. Comprehensive monitoring plans are crafted to address trial complexity and sponsor requirements, and often combine traditional monitoring visits with robust site management and remote monitoring tactics.



“A Passion for Drug Safety”

At CCS we believe in process excellence and an unwavering commitment to quality. We deliver on this promise through our domain expertise and industry-unique Engagement Management model. Local (on-site or nearby) engagement managers with minimum 5+ years PV operations experience, lead all customer engagements. CCS engagement managers coordinate activities with the delivery teams to ensure a smooth experience and provide you with a single point of contact in your time zone. High-quality PV, regulatory and QPPV services from experienced safety and regulatory professionals. Delivery teams are fully dedicated to each client with each team having a “buffer” to account for scalability. Industry-leading personnel retention in delivery center locations. Proven ability to process high case volumes and manage volume fluctuations. Rigorous quality standards supported by daily metrics System-agnostic Pharmacovigilance-as-a-Service (PVaaS), cloud hosting and Argus/ARIS excellence.

Device & Pharmaceutical Marketing


The Medical industry is one of the major industry focused to promote global market entry & sales. CCS works with various medical industry associations to help companies to expand their business in emerging emerging markets. CCS partnering with various industry specialist to over come the global marketing challenges in banding, marketing, sales and distribution of medial devices. 

Data Management


“Capturing quality clinical trial data is the key to ensuring patient safety and confirming efficacy in clinical development today.”

Our clinical data managers provide you with the optimal solution for your clinical trial that will allow your study to go from first patient in to database lock as quickly and efficiently as possible without compromising data quality or integrity.  We are a one-stop-shop for all data management activities from database build, through data cleaning and query resolution, to database lock and archival. Our team members are focused on developing partnerships routed in quality, efficiency, and transparency. The end result: cost-efficient data management; faster time to database go-live; a functioning, intuitive clinical database; expedited database lock; and ultimately, accurate and clean clinical trial data.

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We are a Research Management Organization whose sole purpose is to support the successful outcome of clinical trials for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.